About Kith + Kissui

Kissui came to life in 2005 after the birth of my first daughter, Audrey.  Like any new mom, I spent hours researching products online, trying to find the best, safest, cutest and newest I could.  (Keep in mind this was before instagram, you can't even imagine the hours I spent doing this!)   But, once I would finally make a decision the real challenge came, where would I buy it?  Of course, you can find anything online, but that is just not me.  I want instant gratification, and I want to see it in person.  There is nothing worse than finally deciding on that one item and then getting it in the mail and it's not at all what you expected.  The process of returning it and waiting and starting the search all over again was never going to work for me. So, I would go onto the store locator and look. What was the closest store I could drive to that day and buy my item.  Time after time I ran into the same issue. I was driving to LA and Orange County!  One day it dawned on me, that I can't be the only person who wanted to shop in person, for items not available at Target.  (Nothing wrong with Target, we all love it, but sometimes you want to be a different than everyone else, right?)  So here we are!  I now have 3 kids (and 3 dogs and 3 cats, but who's counting).  I still pride myself on staying ahead of the trends, offering products I know will be fun, make your life easier, or might otherwise be hard to find.  I take pride in the level of customer service we offer, and want each customer to feel like a friend.  We are here because we love the community around us, and the family environment we have been so lucky to create and be a part of.

Just a short 5 years later, Kith came into the picture as we expanded into the world of women's fashion.  I never, ever thought I would own a women's clothing store, and it has brought me more joy than I could have ever known.  Now, Kith and Kissui are joined together, as we have knocked down some walls over the years.  It has gone from 1400 square feet to 4200 square feet of clothing, accessories, candles, shoes, toys and really just about anything we think you will love!

The irony of me, not an online shopper, having an online shop is not lost on me.  As times change, I must change too!  The brick & mortar is in Redlands, Ca, but why shouldn't Kith + Kissui be available to people outside of our area?  I love what I do, and am grateful that I have the opportunity to expand our reach to the online community.